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Where Winter Crows Go by Pri Karin now available!

Last November 14th, indie developer Pri Karin released their third title Where Winter Crows Go. The full game is now available to download for free on their page.

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Pri Karin is an Argentinian solo indie dev who specializes in writing mystery and dark fantasy stories. They have released four games in total under their name, the first of which was Tail Me in 2018. They’ve also spawned the group Fable Novel alongside artist YuukiPudding, programmer Mochipie, and animator Marcherin. As of 2023, Fable Novel has released three games under their brand.

Where Winter Crows Go is Pri Karin’s third full title as a solo indie dev. Prior to the full release, two demo versions were made available in December 2022 and February 2023. According to their FAQ page, Where Winter Crows Go will likely be their last freeware game due to costs related to game development.

If you’re interested in downloading Where Winter Crows Go, it’s available to download on for any amount. Consider sending them a donation for their work! For more information about their other works, follow their Twitter account or refer to their carrd.

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Needing a break from your usual routine, you decide to take a one-week holiday trip to Frostpeak, a town famous for its ski resorts. Unfortunately, on the way there, your car breaks down and you have no choice but to walk to the nearest place available… an isolated log cabin in the middle of the woods.

The cabin turns out to be the home of an environmental researcher who’s studying partial migration among other things . 

Will you stay with him or risk finding another place in the freezing weather?


  • Original sprites
  • Food Art Mini CGs
  • 9 CGs & 1 Chibi CG
  • 3 different endings
  • Partial voice acting
  • 25k words (around 2-3 hours of playtime)
  • A mysterious yandere researcher who calls you ‘snowflake’❄️
  • Play as Aspen (nonbinary MC with side-image sprite) or as an invisible MC (choose your name & pronouns)  

Trigger Warnings

  • Strong Language 
  • Emotional abuse (manipulation, isolation) 
  • General violence
  • Depictions of blood 
  • Drugging 
  • Depictions of death 
  • Shaking screen 
  • Implications of MC being burnout, overworked & harassed at their job

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