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Yuri for Music Lovers—Love’s Crescendo now on Steam!

Last November 14th, Snowhaven Studios released their seventh game, Love’s Crescendo. The rhythm game yuri VN is now available to purchase on Steam ($4.99.)
You can check the release announcement tweet here.

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Snowhaven Studios is an indie team that creates visual novels of different genres. They debuted with Not It back in 2019, and since then have created eight titles in total. Love’s Crescendo is their seventh game released.
If you’re interested in Snowhaven Studios’ other works, you can follow their social media accounts on Twitter and tumblr, or refer to their official website.

Initially released as a demo back in December 2022, this is visual novel-rhythm game hybrid that features sapphic romance with musical themes. The game was also part of the featured titles in Steam’s second wave of Steam Next Fest, which happened in the first week of October this year.

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For Valerie’s senior project, she wants to make a composition that touches the heart of everyone who listens to it. However, no matter how hard the gifted musician tries, the notes just don’t sound right. There’s something missing and with time ticking, she goes searching for the missing piece to her composition.

As Valerie wanders the halls, she becomes overwhelmed by a beautiful melody playing from a nearby classroom. Not knowing what to expect, she comes across Cadence, the most talented pianist she’s ever heard. Valerie knows immediately, Cadence is the missing piece.

  • Over 31,000 words of sapphic romance
  • 10-song original soundtrack
  • 10 unlimited repeatable rhythm game songs in the jukebox to play outside of the story (including 6 that aren’t in the story)
  • 8 vibrantly illustrated CGs
  • Over 12 backgrounds with time-of-day variations & multiple locations

Cadence is a talented pianist but has lost her love for playing the piano. After numerous competitions and performances, she’s forgotten what drove her to start playing.

Valerie is studying music composition and wants to create a beautiful piece that expresses sorrow, heartbreak, and pain. Finding the right performer to channel the emotions is what she needs to not only pass her senior year but to make a piece that everyone in attendance will remember.

While Cadence and Valerie are the main duet, Opal, Quinley, and Xavier are there to support their love and music aspirations.

Opal is a recent grad who enjoys tormenting her brother Xavier.

Xavier is Opal’s brother and is somehow still able to afford college despite supporting 20 waifus in a gacha mobile game.

Quinley is a college dropout who is literally too cool for school.

If this piqued your interest, this VN is now available to purchase on Steam ($4.99.)

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