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Paradise turns deadly! — Paradise by JAST available for Pre-Order NOW!

This April 26th, JAST Blue announced Paradise—one of the PIL/SLASH classics—is finally available! Get it now for $17.99! You can also get the all-ages version on Steam and apply the 18+ patch JAST provides.

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Get your copy now!

JAST USASteam + Patch

Follow a group of men who go on holiday on a deserted island. When things begin to go wrong, they realize to their horror that they are stranded. Turns out that’s only the start of their problems.

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Meet the Vacationers


Our protagonist. A young man living his unchanging days with disinterest while working part-time at a convenience store. His good looks are the only thing he has going for him. He acts cheerful but internally he’s quite subdued. He has no real dreams or ambitions, but passes the long days with content. He’s participating in the tour after winning the trip from the lottery drawing in the shopping district.


A salesman. Excels at taking charge of situations and good at looking after others. A manly person who will undertake a challenge even if he must play the role of the bad guy. If there’s a dispute, he’ll settle it from one step away in true Japanese fashion. He’s aware of the fact that he looks older than his age. Loves to fish.


An architectural designer. He’s a cool lone wolf type, just as he appears, but, fundamentally, his exterior is that of a sensible, common-sense man. However, it takes surprisingly little to make his anger boil over. He’s been hostile towards Azuma alone from their very first meeting for some reason. Azuma isn’t without blame either, calling Mitsugi a “blonde shithead” to his face. Whenever these two are in the same spot together, expect a fight to break out.


A college student. He won a spot in the tour through a lottery drawing, just like Azuma. A friendly, innocent mood-maker. Due to his baby-face, Azuma actually mistook him for a middle school student at first. Because his reactions to everything are so dramatic, he tends to get teased by those around him.

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Weird little gremlin who likes all the fucked up stuff; if a story doesn't leave you in shambles, what's even the point? Functional fujoshi, at your service.

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