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Venus Blood Ragnarok International’s Kickstarter is now LIVE!

On May 17th, ninetail announced on X that the Kickstarter project for VenusBlood RAGNAROK International‘s English localization has an official launch date.

The Kickstarter has gone live today and will go on for 4 weeks (28 days), at which point it will end and Stretch Goal calculations will be done.

As of now, only 1 hour after its start, the project has managed to acquire $35k, with 86 backers.

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As of last last month, we also got three new translations for three VenusBlood fandiscs—you can read about them here!

What is the RAGNAROK initiative?

Greetings, and welcome to our recruitment center!

Surely you must have heard of the recent spread of the belief in Divine Supremacy by those who would see demonkind and the humans who support us crushed under their heel…! Master Vali would see an end to this oppression, and thus we have begun recruitment for the (VenusBlood) RAGNAROK initiative.

What is the RAGNAROK initiative? Why, VenusBlood RAGNAROK is a Turn-Based Strategy Role Playing Adventure game, told with visual novel story-telling created by the Japanese studios Dualtail and Ninetail.

Recruits joining the RAGNAROK Initiative will be incorporated into the army of Master Vali, and will be rewarded with unique backer rewards based on your contributions towards the war effort (reward tiers)!

Think of your loved ones, of your demonic comrades. Would you condemn them to a cursed life, forever serving these Divine Supremacists?

Enlist(Become a Backer) now, and join the fight for Reunification! We trust that you will make the right decision, and we await you with open arms.

VenusBood RAGNAROK is the direct sequel to VenusBlood FRONTIER, whose localization also started as a Kickstarter—the very first one, in fact.

VenusBlood Ragnarok—much like its predecessor—seamlessly blends SRPG gameplay and narrative to immerse players in an epic struggle between the Demons and Gods.

The Kickstarter

Gameplay Features

Click here to Download the Demo! (Warning: No SRPG Gameplay yet)

Pledges & Rewards

Although you can donate any amount of money (up to a hundred quintillion yen), you’ll also receive certain rewards for higher pledges. For further details, please check the official Kickstarter page.

TierPrice (USD)Rewards
News & Wallpaper Set4You’ll receive a full set of digital wallpapers of the game.
Digital Game31You’ll get the digital game, as well as the previous rewards.
Digital Game Plus44You’ll also get the choice of getting either the digital soundtrack OR the digital artbook.
Asgardian Folklore55You will get both the digital soundtrack AND the digital artbook.
Physical Game Set64For those who enjoy physical editions, you can get the physically packaged version of the game!
Physical Game Plus77For this tier, you can choose to have either the soundtrack or the artbook as their physical versions.
Game Full Set89You will get both the soundtrack and the artbook in their physical and digital versions, and your name will appear in the credits.
RAGNAROK Set99Besides all the other rewards, you’ll also get a replica Shikishi!
Box of Memories118You’ll get a Mousepad OR Playing Cards OR Steel Mug—it’s up to you to choose!
Triple Keychain Set122Get 3 keychains to your liking!
Tapestry Set141Have a B2 Tapestry (Choose between New Main Visual or Jorm) to present to your guests!
A Nostalgic Portrait148Choose Between 1/2 Canvas Art Styles (Linde & Nanna vs Ullr & Heimdall) OR a blanket.
Always Together188You can choose a Dakimakura Cover, between Fana, Linde, Ullr, Vidar or Chibi Yilan!
Nanna’s Keychain Collection240Get all 21 keychains!
Original Autographed Shikishi – VA272Get a a Shikishi signed by the voice actor/actress of your choice! (Only those who voiced a character in VBRI are eligible.)
The Beloved Heroine272Own a breast pillow (Momimakura), between Fana, Jorm, Nanna or Sigyn!
Memories of Yggdrasil500If you have made a Rebirth unit with ninetail before in a past Kickstarter, you are eligible to bring said unit(s) over into this game! As such, only backers who have done so before can back this reward tier.
Asgardian Council: Citizen775You’ll get Scene Voting rights (4 votes), as well as all the previous rewards.
Autographed Hand-Drawn Shikishi – Illust901A shikishi drawn and autographed by the illustrator and Voice Actor/Actress(Signature) of the character of your choice!
Asgardian Council: Knight1,549You have more Scene Voting rights (8 votes) and you can select 2 guest units to bring over!
Rebirth1,704You can have your own original unit of your request added to the game, but only for use in battles.
Flower of the Battlefield2,098Select a single common unit, and ninetail will create a brand new episode featuring that unit. Only humanoid female units are allowed.
Flower of the Battlefield: Anecdotes2,534Select the VA who will voice your character OR the Artist who will draw the scene.
Asgardian Council: Noble3,519You have more Scene Voting rights (12 votes).
Asgardian Council: Chairman5,701You have more Scene Voting rights (16 votes) and you can select 4 guest units to bring over!
The Legacy of the Overlord7,678Choose a VBRI heroine, and we will make an original episode involving that character for you based on your requests! Plus, you’ll get a personal ‘Thank-you’ voice message from the heroine herself.

The Plot

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