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Lilja and Natsuka: Painting Lies soon on Steam!

English publisher Frontwing has announced the close release of the all-ages title Lilja and Natsuka: Painting Lies, to release just next month. The game will be available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese, available on PC this July 25th.

This release was initially meant for June 6th but due to Frontwing needing more time to “improve its quality”, it was postponed to the current date.

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Meet the Girls

Lilja Meri

VA: Tomoyo Takayanagi

“My little dove has brought me an olive leaf! It’s now my turn to take care of the rest.”

A blind, wheelchair-bound girl born into royalty in a country in northern Europe. Though she’s tall and wise beyond her years, she’s still in her teens. She moved to Japan, where her grandmother is from, in order to get away from her overprotective family. Rationality and efficiency are her mottos. With her long, silver hair, she possesses the beauty of a snow fairy.

She has an incredible talent for painting, and it’s said that her paintings are able to change the world for anyone who sees them.

Utsugi Natsuka
VA: Igoma Yurie

Utsugi Natsuka

VA: Yurie Igoma

“Your paintings are truly incredible, Lilja-san. They have the power to change the world of anybody who sees them.”

An energetic girl who works as a live-in assistant for Lilja. She dedicates her days to being Lilja’s new eyes and legs and bringing inspiration to the painter, who is blind and can’t walk. Her short stature and youthful looks make it easy to mistake her for an elementary schooler, but she’s actually a full-grown adult. She tends to make decisions based on intuition and wild instinct alone.
She’s strong, stubborn, and has a healthy appetite.


Planning/ScenarioAsou Ei
Character Design/Artistkippu
ComposerAnze Hijiri
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