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Lingerie Adventures — LingerieS by Ramune Games announced!

Developer team and publisher Ramune Games has announce their debut visual novel LingerieS!
This seems to be a simulrelease case, and the game will be available in Engish, Japanese, and Simplified/Traditional Chinese. You’ll be able to buy this title via Steam this year for $9.99.

The game will have its own 18+ content DLC for $9.99.

The Story

Meet the Cast

Aoi MiyamaeAisu Makabe
Main character.
He is shy and has a communicable disease.

He is slender and has a girlish face.
He and Aoi’s twin sister, Riko Miyamae, are identical in appearance and facial features, although they are of different genders. The only difference is the position of the moles around their eyes.
The main heroine.
She is a part-time waitress at Ao’s favorite cafe-bar.

She is serious and firm.
She has an excellent academic record and is good at housework in general.
She has never experienced love because she is always busy with her studies and part-time jobs. Although she does not usually show it, she has a pure and innocent girlish heart.

Aisu has only ever bought fast fashion lingerie, but when she visits ‘LingerieS’ to meet Aoi, she becomes interested in high-end lingerie.
Kyouka KuzeSakuya TokiwaRen Koishikawa
Sub heroine.
She is a quiet and gentle older sister.

She is serious at heart, and has never worn flashy lingerie that is cute or sexy because she was raised in a strict household.
Wanting a little stimulation from her monotonous life of shuttling back and forth between home and work, she visits ‘LingerieS’ to buy some fancy lingerie.
Sub heroine.

She is a woman with a mature and sexy personality.
She has a calm personality appropriate for her age, but sometimes shows a mischievous sense of humor.

She has a delicate sensibility and a keen sense of beauty.
At a young age, she is the manager and designer of ‘LingerieS’.
Sub heroine.
A college student.

She is one of Aoi’s few female friends.
She usually speaks little and looks cool at first glance, but inside she is a friend and has a lot of passion.

She attends the same university as Aoi.
She sometimes visits “Lingerie’s” because she is worried about Aoi who does not show up at the university anymore.

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