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Qualia ~The Path of Promise~ now on the Switch

English publisher Sekai Games (parent brand of Sekai Project) has released the Switch edition of this lovely nakige Qualia ~The Path of Promise~. The game is releasing on the Nintendo Store, available in Japanese, English, and Simplified/Traditional Chinese.

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You can also play the original PC edition through Steam and Denpasoft’s site. Unlike Switch, this PC release doesn’t support the Traditional Chinese translation.

Qualia was directed by Akino Subaru, the artist behind tone work’s‘ most famous releases, such as Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai and Gin’iro, Haruka.

Get your copy now!

Nintendo Store
( NA | JP )
*This is a censored release, to fit with Steam’s guidelines.


Meet the Cast


VA: Kitami Rikka

Height: 162 cm
Three Sizes: 90/55/88cm
Birthday: August 26th

A robot maid created by Hiro.
She is very curious about everything and despite being ignorant at times, she keeps her duty as his maid.

Koshino Hiro

Height: 173 cm
Age: 21

He’s the scientist that brings Machina to life. After her creation, she comes to live with him.
Despite being a genius (or maybe due to it) he has hermit tendencies.

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