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SHINJUKU SOUMEI released on Steam

On May 24th, G-mode released the supernatural mystery SHINJUKU SOUMEI on Steam and DLsite in Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese, as a simultaneous release.

Get your copy here!

Steam ($29.99)DLsite (approx. $25.51)
For those interested, there is a demo available on both storefronts.

The Story

The Characters

Hiira Torao

VA: Seki Tomokazu

A man who runs a funeral parlor. He is immortal as long as he stays in Shinjuku; dies the moment he left the area. He is searching for the person he “entrusted” his soul to.

Rikudou Rinne

VA: Ishikawa Yui

Character PV

A spirit girl who has been haunting Torao for 10 years.

Niikura Mashiro

VA: Hirano Arisa

Character PV

A deacon.

She has a strong spiritual sense and is the only one who can sense Rinne.

Niikura Mashiro

Character PV

The daughter of Senba who is usually stays at the greater part of Tokyo.

Thanks to her doting, overprotective father, she is very clumsy and somewhat acts like a sheltered lady.

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11 days ago

Oof. Apparently translation is bad. The only positive reviews are Japanese ones. Even the one Chinese review didn’t recommend it, which implies even the Chinese TL is bad (which is a surprise, as I’ve usually seen that JPN to CHN TLs are usually decent enough).