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Sisters: Last Day of Summer is finally here!

Publisher JAST USA is releasing the fully animated Sisters: Last Day of Summer.
The game it set to release next week, on June 3rd.

Buy your copy now!


For those with lower-spec PCs, it is better to mention this title is 20 GB in total due to it being fully animated and HD, as well as uncensored.

The Story

Meet the Kamimura Family

Kamimura Akiko
VA: Kozuki Kureha

Haruka and Chika’s mother. Appears to be cool and intelligent woman, but quiet clumsy. Not good at housework, which may be one of the reasons why Haruka’s cooking skills have improved.

Kamimura Chika
VA: Himuro Yuri

Haruka’s little sister, 3 years younger. Dislikes being treated as child and thinks Haruka is smarter than her. Likes sports and other physical activity. Hates to lose, can be mean sometimes. Clumsy, not good at cooking, and lonely in reality.

Kamimura Haruka
VA: Momoi Ichigo

Loves music and does composing as hobby. She also plays flute. Calm, gentle, acts like Onee-chan to Chika. She is kind enough to give up her last piece of sweets to Chika when there is only one left. Also good at cooking.

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