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Trap Yuri Garden coming to Steam!

Are you a fan of cute cross-dressing boys and yuri? Well, you might be in luck!
Eroge Japan & Sanuk Inc. have announced the English translation of this cute yuri Trap Yuri Garden.

You’ll be able to buy it on Steam in English, Japanese, and Simplified/Traditional Chinese soon, on June 10th.

This title features E-mote support, so we can expect our cute boys to become even cuter!

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The game was developed by No~Strike, a visual novel brand and doujin circle which focuses on cross-dressing titles. Some of their most recent titles were localized into English, such as Trap Shrine, Trap Legend, Trap Genesis, Tomgirls of the Mountains. On 2019, an anonymous 4chan user translated their title Josou Kaikyou.


Meet the Girls

VA: Yuika

The protagonist of this work.

At first, she thought cross-dressing didn’t suit her and thus she didn’t belong at this school. However, her hidden talent for it blossomed when she began to crossdress in protest against Mikage.
She soon becomes the envy of many students, and even earns the nickname “The Goddess of Black Camellia”.

Her talent for en-femme leads many to come to adore her as an older sister.
Although she soon becomes quite capable at fending off Mikage’s self indulgence transgressions…

Unknown to her, Iori’s natural proficiency at trapdom has sparked an unintended romantic drama that will go beyond her wildest expectations.

The prestine yet black-hearted wealthy heiress.

Contrary to her straight laced appearance, she harbors a maleficent personality.
A powerful presence even among the many affluent families that attend Ayanohara Academy, she is a member of the Ayanohara family that owns and oversees the elite school’s operation.
Appointed to student body president as a first-year student, The Ayanohara family also tasked her with the role of acting administrator to further enhance her higher education.
How much beauty and cuteness can be produced from cross-dressing is the absolute standard by which she measures everything.
She has confidence in her appearance, is always concerned with how people see her, and possess a devilishness that makes people love her.
Has been given the nickname “White Lily Fairy”.

Dissatisfied with the fact that people refer to Asuka as a queen, but not to her as a princess.

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