Review: Criminal Border: 1st Offence —Where Crime Turns to Dark Comedy

If you accidentally invented a digital libido-enhancing drug, what choices would you make? Ikky-kun's fate sets him on a risky yet life-altering path.

Review: My Klutzy Cupid — A Death Note… of Love?!

A cute adventure with the cupid herself: a childhood friend, the popular beauty, your teacher, your step-little sister... or maybe an angel?!

Sakura Fox Adventure now on Switch

This is a pretty risqué title, but the Switch release will be forced to cut the NSFW content.

Review: Café Stella and the Reapers’ Butterflies

Do you like cute girls and cafés? Then check out Denshahime's review of Yuzusoft's Café Stella!

Looking for Sweet Love? My Klutzy Cupid released!

On July 7th, NekoNyan announced the English release of Hulotte's My Klutzy Cupid.

English Release of Amairo Chocolate 2 on June 28th

Sekai Project releases English translation of Amairo Chocolate 2

My Little Sister’s Special Place now available on Steam

"My Little Sister's Special Place" now avaible in English!

D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Review

This visual novel delivered to me what no other could accomplish so far—beyond the piles of waifu material, it made me laugh and cry. Which is why it still ranks…

Slay the Dragon! Taming the Fire-Breathing Brat! – Review

Outis Media is an English-speaking media brand devoted to producing lewd monster girl content, including short visual novel titles. The brand has released several mini-nukige in recent days, including Dark…