Qruppo Collabs with Kadokawa to Produce Anime Adaptation for Nukitashi

Qruppo announced that Nukitashi, their debut and bombshell franchise will receive an anime adaptation in collaboration with Kadokawa. A Teaser image and 30-sec trailer has been released.

Perpetually visited by Succubi—Winged Cloud’s Sakura Succubus 8 now out!

The successful series of continuous Sakura Succubus titles is back for the eighth time. How many are going to follow?

Open Late Games Debuts With Prohibition-Era Otome Game— Speakeasy

On the 30th of December 2023, Open Late Games released their debut game with SpeakEasy. An erotic otome game that plays in the time of the Prohibition Era.

A Canadian Indie Festival—The Hand Eye Society is celebrating the SuperFESTival 2023

From the 20th to the 26th of November, the Canada-based non-profit collective The Hand Eye Society celebrated their SuperFESTival 2023 – a digital free-to-visit festival, celebrating the indie game community…

Untranslated Releases: November 2023

Here's the table for the untranslated releases of November 2023. Updates happen sporadically!

New Monster Girl Hentai RPG Surpasses Funding Goal by Magnitudes—Mana Quest

The Monster GIrl H-RPG Mana Quest is going into its last kickstarter day! It could break triples its initial goal already.

Gamuzumi Ports Winged Cloud’s Sakura Alien 2 for Nintendo Switch

On the 10th of November, Gamuzumi released a Switch port for Sakura Alien 2

Choice-driven Witchy RomCom!—Nochi Studios Releases Sweetcore Brews: anime otome sim

On the 17th of October 2023, the midwest USA-based indie development studio Nochi Studios released their fourth studio game, an otome game title named Sweetcore Brews. They describe the game…

Production Kawaii VTuber Nene Amano finishes her Umineko When They Cry Journey

Today, on the 24th October 2023, the VTuber, Gamer and ASMR Content Creator Nene Amano has closed out her fully live recorded playthrough of 07th Expansion’s Umineko no Naku Koro…