A Religious Horror Story — HAPPY SAIN† SHEOL coming to Steam

The game is releasing on Steam later this year and currently has a demo available!

Your favorite Kemonomimi Girls are back! — Amairo Chocolate now on Switch

Switch players, good news! Get ready for the Switch release of Amairo Chocolate, releasing on March 28th!

SINce Memories to Release in English!

After 25 years, the Memories Off franchise is finally receiving an English localization!

MAGES. comes back with Iwakura Aria for the Switch!

MAGES. has announced their first new visual novel IP in years: Iwakura Aria. It will release in Japan for the Nintendo Switch on June 27, 2024.

LipTrip ~My Boss Is My Heat Suppressant?!~ out now!—Yuri Spiced with Omegaverse Elements

Lip Trip ~Boss wa Watashi no Genetsuzai~ is now available on JAST USA at $8.90 with a 10% launch discount!

Good News for the Otome players! — Aksys Games announces 4 new titles

What are your expectations and personal wishlist?

Lucid9 is coming back, now with a Kickstarter!

With the successful conclusion of this campaign, the game is antecipated to be complete by the end of 2024

Fate/Stay Night Remastered
Fate/Stay Night REMASTERED announced for Switch and Steam

TYPE-MOON announced a 2024 release of Fate/Stay Night REMASTERED, an HD remaster of the 2012 Realta Nua for the PSVita with English support.

A Grotesque Vinyl — Pre-order The Song of Saya’s Soundtrack on Vinyl!

Three Vinyl variants to choose from, coming soon. Pre-order it today!