Love Elysium: Secret of the Goddess now on the Switch!

In this visual novel divinely beautiful girls will steal your heart!

Bunny e-Shop is now on the Switch!

The game will be on sale on both stores until July 1st, so get it while it's cheap!

Kuri Kuri Click! 2 ~My Renaissance!~ out now!

Put those hands to good use and have your way with a cute girl!

A new Korean release by SekaiProject — Hana’s Campus Life now available!

The title is now available on Steam ($14.99) for you to enjoy!

Forsaken Quartet available on Steam

Looking for some spicy reads with a dose of mystery? Kagura Games has got you covered!

Eternal Light and Devil Girl — Moesoft releases two new titles!

Two titles for the Switch and the PlayStation!

SHINJUKU SOUMEI released on Steam

This is a story that questions the value of life…

The Fuwanovel EVN List: May 2024 Releases

The Fuwanovel EVN List for May 2024 is here! What titles from this month's batch caught your interest?

Seven Days, now on Nintendo Switch!

The ghost mystery VN Seven Days is now available on the Switch—this time published by PROTOTYPE.

Real Hentai Situation! 2 coming soon!

When chronic daydreamer Tooru’sdastardly diary is discovered, classmates old and new won’t give him a moment’s peace!