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Sono Hana – The Joy Of Loving You


Release Date:
Jul 25, 2008

Age Rating:

Comedy, Drama, Romance


Game Summary: Reo fails her classes and Mai helps her to pass. To reward Reo for passing her quiz, Mai agrees to go on a date with Reo. One day during class, Reo is called to the school office. She returns acting strangely. After a lot of worrying and probing, Mai still does not know what has happened. This results in a huge fight between Reo and Mai, because Mai feels that Reo does not trust in her enough to share her problems… They eventually make up and ends in love.

Note 1: This is a nukige 「抜きゲー」, it has a higher sexual content to story ratio. Fuwanovel does not usually include nukige games on the site, but this series was granted an exception early on for reasons long-lost to history. (“I’d take it off, but I think Zaka would kill me.” – Tay)

Note 2: The entire SonoHana series, for reviews aggregation purposes, is lumped together into a single category. Thus the review section you see below will include reviews from all entries in the series.

Attribution: Yi and VNDB


How to Get this Game

18+ Version:

  • See VNDB JP Shop Links
  • Fan TL patch taken down due to talks with MangaGamer



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