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Noble ☆ Works


Release Date:
Nov 27, 2010

Age Rating:

Comedy, Romance, School-Life, Slice of Life

Romance Options:
M > F

Original Language:

Estimated Total Length:
30-40 hours


Game Summary: “They want me to be a body double!” Fujishima Takumi, the destitute, self-supporting student protagonist, was offered a ridiculous job. That is, he’s wanted to serve as a body double for the wealthy son of a prestigious family—to whom he looks perfectly identical—attending the noted Rokuroku Private Academy in his place. A commoner couldn’t help but feel uneasy at such a suspicious line of work, but thanks to some tight circumstances (mainly financial ones), he ended up accepting the unusual job. As one might expect, life as a body double doesn’t quite turn out to be peaceful. Rather, our protagonist, who has always lived by the gumption of the working class, is bewildered by the lifestyle of socialites!

Thrown into this senseless world, will he really be able to succeed in his job as a body double? And where will he go with the girls who are interweaved into his love life? For now, the curtain of his life as a noble academy student has only just risen.

Attribution: The Oxford Comma Is Superior Subs


Technical Support FAQ *is NOT* Available
Ages 18+ Version: 
  • Patch by The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs: get it here (Completed 12/2015)
    • Team has options for retail and DMM download versions
  • Purchase: DMM

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Noble ☆ Works


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