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Yumina The Ethereal Walkthrough (Work in Progress)

I’ll be putting together this walkthrough as I go along the game.  I’m making this public before I finish the game since I’ve heard that quite a few people (myself included) have been having some issues with getting the optional h-scenes at the end of each chapter. A member on the MG forums stated that to get the optional h-scenes, you need to do a chain of events in each chapter to get a special skill for Ayumu, which unlocks the optional scenes after the chapters debate battle. Another member ended up linking to a Japanese walkthrough for me, and it’s pretty understandable. (Thanks Dark_Shiki and RusAnon!) I’m going to be translating the walkthrough as I go along so I can verify I understood the sequences right.
Japanese Walkthrough:
Even if you’re not interested in the optional h-scenes (Even if you unlock them, you are not forced to watch them), Ayumu’s chapter skills tend to be very powerful against the chapter’s bosses, so they’re very handy to unlock. Theres a bunch of additional supplemental information, but for now I’m just going to translate and post the event sequences to get Ayumu’s special chapter skills for the optional scenes.
9/05/13: Added chapter 3 walkthrough, along…

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