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Yumina, tissues, and prices.

So my Yumina The Ethereal physical copy finally came in the mail. Along with it, JAST sent some goodies; A catalog (The Saya No Uta image), a If My Heart Had Wings booklet, some funky anime glasses or some crap thats freakily 4 shades lighter than me (And I’m white as hell), annnnd….A packet of tissues. (The JLIST thing) The tissues look soft as a mofo too.  This is my first physical copy purchase from Jast (I usually buy digital) and like, do they send tissues with every copy? Lol “Thanks for buying from JAST USA!  To say thanks, heres some complimentary tissues for those…sticky situations!”
I pulled out the tissue packet from the mail packaging and I think I laughed for like 5 minutes straight. I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because of the assumption (and usually right on the money) that if you’re buying an eroge, you’re probably a guy with intentions to spend some quality time with it and your hand mixed with the fact that uh…my “equipment” doesn’t require tissues, but I found this funny as hell.  At least I’ll have something to blow my nose with during tear jerking scenes! (Why did I not have you packet…

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