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Import Games for Adults Halloween: Kansen Ball Buster

Kansen Ball Buster Review


For our next entry for this year’s Halloween reviews, we’ll be finishing up the Kansen series by looking at what is now the latest entry into the series, the fandisk: Kansen Ball Buster…and with that name alone expectations for this game probably just took a nosedive. I can understand with a name like that, but back when it was announced I decided to remain optimistic. There’s a lot you can do with a fandisk and considering the Kansen series (which I remind you I really like) is far from perfect, there’s a number of things a fandisk could offer like after stories or extra routes for unwinnable heroines (and yes, I’m still hoping someone at Speed will one day give us fans routes for Miki (Kansen 2) and Sato (Kansen 5).  Sadly those were not what the creators decided to do, but instead opted for a short original story (plus the Chronicle Teller). Now that could also work provided the story is good, and how did it turn out? Let’s just say a more fitting name would have been “Ball ‘Crusher’” instead…


Pros: Artwork is good, Shizuka’s route is actually good, we finally get an adult as…

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