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Riding Hot Air Balloons to the North Pole as a Cute Alchemist Girl: Thoughts on Atelier Ayesha

Imagine your cute imouto (voiced by the lovely Mariya “Stocking” Ise) got spirited away. Lay down on the couch right there and tell me how you feel. Does it feel bad? Horrible? Go on: you can cry.

Note: Ayesha didn’t cry. She went on a fucking journey.

Like other great simulators that include Gran Turismo and SimCity, Atelier Ayesha is realistic: it is a cute alchemist girl simulator. Set in a new setting (I will call it the Duskverse) from previous games, it features new little girls and old kimoi guys you can play as. But mostly, you will play as a blonde alchemist donned in clothing greener than Mother Nature named Ayesha (CV: Inoue Marina).

Ayesha is a very strong onee-chan: she climbs up mountains, treks through forests, rides a hot air balloon, and reads Difficult Books in a Library. This happened because one day, she stumbled upon her spirited away imouto, Nio, who promptly disappeared. Ayesha met an old pedo (CV: Joji Nakata) in the ruins and he said it was possible to bring back Nio if she could discover the truth behind the flora mcguffinus. And so, she embarked on the most difficult journey possible.…

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