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Visual Novels on Steam

Recently, Visual Novels have begun to gain traction on one of the biggest game portals around these days; Steam. With the release of Steam’s Greenlight, Visual Novels have finally been given a chance to get on the platform and gain more exposure for this niche game genre. Me and a  friend of mine have discussed a possible Co-Op piece on a particular great, and surprisingly well unknown, recent feature of Steam that I feel that combined with the recent VN releases, and future ones, on Steam will really help spread and expand this genre further. In preparation for the piece, I have done some research and compiled a list, with links, of Visual Novels that are currently on Steam, Greenlit, and currently up for vote on Greenlight. This list is sorted by developer name alphabetically. Please note that a vast majority of VN titles on/trying to get on Steam are Indie titles at the moment, and so quality varies. This list will be updated monthly unless no new VNs show up on Steam during that time.
1/16/14 – Added 3 new VNs recently submitted to Greenlight.1/18/14 – Loren The Amazon Princess now on sale!1/21/14 – World End Economica Ep. 1 has

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