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[Manga Review] Full Metal Daemon Muramasa – Makai-hen (Vol. 1-5)



After having read through the other two Muramasa manga adaptations (that is, Eiyuu-hen and Minagoroshi), I couldn’t help but feel a strong urge to check out the third adaptation as well — Makai-hen, being the biggest and most ambitious of the bunch, spanning over five whole volumes, was particularly exciting to me as a Muramasa fan, seeing how its storyline takes place *after* the VN’s true end.

Speaking of which, there are some things I have to mention in advance. First, there will be spoilers for the VN, naturally. This manga is a sequel, so I fully expect you to be familiar with the VN’s storyline, as well as that of Re:Blade Arts (in the Janen-hen fandisc), considering Makai-hen is basically a story showing the events that eventually lead up to Re:Blade Arts. But more on that later. The other thing is that this post will include some major spoilers when I come to discussing certain elements of the manga’s plot — I’ll give a clear warning before the paragraphs in question.

JP title: 装甲悪鬼村正 魔界編

So I’m assuming we all remember how Full Metal Daemon Muramasa ended. Kageaki found his destined path and decided to become, in essence, the…

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