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The Fruit of Grisaia Review

The Fruit of Grisaia (Grisaia no Kajitsu) is the first visual novel in a trilogy series by Japanese developer Front Wing. After raising over $400K on Kickstarter, Sekai Project has teamed up with developer Front Wing to bring the visual novel trilogy to North America. Following on success of the manga and anime adaptation, the Grisaia trilogy consists of The Fruit, The Labyrinth and The Eden of Grisaia. The first entry was originally released in Japan on PC in 2011 before being ported over to the PSP and Vita. Fans of the series can rejoice as the visual novel is finally making its way over to North America on Steam.

You are Yuuji Kazami, a student who transfers to Mihama Academy upon request for a “normal” life. The school in question has a total of five students each with their own unique circumstances that have led them there. Having lost both his parents and sister at a young age, Yuuji is guarded and distant at first but slowly warms up to his female classmates: Yumiko, Amane, Michiru, Makina and Sachi. All is not well at the academy as each of the girls have their own dark pasts and it…

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