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Review: NEKOPARA Vol. 1 [All Ages]

NEKOPARA Vol. 1 is a first in the world of Japanese visual novels; a game by a doujin circle with a simultaneous release in Japanese, English, and Chinese that was highly anticipated by fans both in Japan and overseas. It’s a vibrant, lively, and polished game that makes up for in moe what it lacks in sense.

Playtime to 100%: 5 hours

Oh, where to start? NEKOPARA has an option where you can set the ‘chest bounciness’ of the characters. And said characters are all catgirls. And they end up wearing maid outfits. It’s like the creators took the moe-est things they could think of, blended them all up together, and baked the result into a pretty cake with a cherry on top.

The ‘plot’, such as it is, is that protagonist Kashou has run away from his traditional Japanese sweet making family to open his own patisserie selling Western desserts. His imouto, Shigure, whose obsession with him crosses way beyond the boundaries of normal sibling affection, owns a whole clan of catgirls back at the family home, two of which she sneaks out to keep her big brother company. When these two catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla, arrive at the…

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