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Review: The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — Prelude

I had no idea what to expect when going into this Western-developed VN, but what I got was a fast-paced and entertaining, if flawed, read with bonus PG-rated girl-on-girl action.

What you might not realise at first is that this is a yuri, or at least shoujo-ai, game. It follows Toko, the “reject demon” of the title, who has been kicked out of Hell for failing to ferry a single soul to the afterlife. Exiled to the human world, she literally bumps into Nadia (what’s with this trope? I suppose it gives an excuse to have a CG with two girls smooshed against each other), so I’m not really complaining), a girl who she’d saved from death as a child. Together they encounter various enemies who seem out to get Toko, but why are they so interested in a reject like her?


This is a “kinetic novel”, meaning that there are no choices to be made. The story weaves its own lore surrounding Hell and the demons that inhabit it, and there are some fairly fun and interesting ideas here. It’s also well written and humorous, with some funny self-referential jokes and innuendo. Unfortunately it’s…

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