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Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal- Review

The Narcissu series is a visual novel series that was very successful in Japan that has only recently reached a Western audience through the release of Narcissu 1st and 2nd on Steam. Published by Sekai Project and developed by staga-nana, the latest work to grace the visual novel community by Narcissu writer and designer, Tomo Kataoka is Ame no Marginal. Although it is much shorter in length than the Narcissu titles, Ame no Marginal is a visual novel that showcases more of the creator’s creative vision and gift in crafting intricate characters and compelling stories.

You are a young man who works a typical job and lives an ordinary life but deep down, you are emotionally distraught. Faced with internal turmoil and despair, you ponder the meaning of your life and daily routine as you step into the office elevator on your way to work.  As you discover the 8th floor that was never there before, you are transported to a strange world with endless rain. There is not a single person to be found nor any physical buildings or objects as time has completely stopped. Trying to make sense of your predicament, you meet a friendly and carefree…

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