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XBlaze Lost: Memories Review

Aksys Games and Arc System Works had previously released XBlaze Code: Embryo on the Playstation 3 and Vita to the delight of visual novel fans in the gaming community. The game received mixed reviews and a modest reception as it suffered from a steep difficulty curve due to the trial and error approach of its mandatory TOi interface. As such, the developers have taken the feedback to heart and gone back to the drawing board with XBlaze Lost: Memories and released the next instalment that is a vast improvement over the original XBlaze visual novel.

The story follows the tale of the protagonist named “Me”, an overprotective girl who lives with her younger sister in the city of Ishana. As “Me”, you do everything in your power to guard and care for the younger sister as a result of a traumatic childhood of losing your mother and harboring hatred towards your estranged father. After a sudden disappearance, you are transported to a strange world known as the “Phantom Field” where you befriend a spunky girl named “Nobody” as your memories have been taken from you. You embark on a quest to find your sister as you search for answers…

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