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Ryechu’s Nukige Corner – Ruby Striker [NSFW]

Welcome to Ryechu’s Nukige Corner, where I introduce you to Nukige titles you may not have heard of before. For those who aren’t in the know, the term “nukige” refers to games that focus solely on sexual content. The plots of these games serve only to set the scene for the H-Scenes. If these types of games are of interest to you, read on!

Morningstar and G-Spot are both well-known for their nukige. The quality of the nukige varies, but nevertheless this team manages to churn out all sorts of unique titles. This one is no exception. Released in 2007, Ruby Striker was the first title released by this VN powerhouse duo, and is the first of a trilogy of games known as the “Jewel Stars” series. It was published by Mangagamer and released late in 2013, but is it a nukige worth picking up?

As the introduction to the trilogy, Ruby Striker does very little to introduce the plot of the game. What little you do learn is that she possesses a “Jewelstar” that gives her superhuman abilities and immortality. She attempts to infiltrate the HQ of a villian named Zodiac, and is eventually captured by his tentacle monsters. Extreme tentacle sex follows, and players are given the option to change the sex scene based on how much they wish to torture Ruby Striker. There isn’t a defined ending in the game, and is instead replaced with a “To be continued…”. Not a fan of that at all.


Yup, you dun goofed.

As with many nukige, a lot of the same generic issues arise. The art is decent, but all of the scenes appear to use the same huge tentacle monster. Are they not aware that I like variety in my monster sex? The actual H-Content evolves at the normal tentacle monster pace, but a really nice touch is that the artists didn’t go totally overboard with the bodily fluids, which is a major turn-off to a lot of people I talk to. The music is bland, and I ended up simply muting it. The writing in general is also very bland, with the voiced Ruby Striker moaning and screaming more often than actually saying anything.

Overall, it’s okay. Definitely a game you’ll want to pick up if you like tentacles, because it’s chock full of them. I would recommend this title to those of you who aren’t sure if they like tentacles, as this one is honestly pretty tame compared to most of the others. It will definitely serve as a great gateway drug for the perverted.

Pick it up from Mangagamer!VNDB


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