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12 Days of Waifus – Day 11: Tohsaka Rin (Fate/Stay Night)

Rin is one of those characters where I just can’t seem to have an opportunity to spend any money on, which is baffling even to this day. I have a lot of Saber figures and posters, probably because they are just more accessible, but not a single one for Rin. I assume Saber is just more easier merchandised, considering how many versions of Saber there are and how aesthetically good all of them are. Despite this, and I would like to point this out clearly-my true absolute waifu in the Fate/Stay Night universe is Rin.

Rin’s Noble Phantasm: Teasing 101

One thing which strikes me fancy in Rin is that she is her own person, and moves forward in her own way. Sure enough, her lifestyle definitely has it’s fair share of problems, but she is comfortable with it-and is studying magic not out of obligation, but of pure love for it. She is comfortable about herself being a hedonist, and her presence just brings comfort, optimism and empowerment all in one go, despite Fate/Stay Night’s generally bleak settings.

This is a stark contrast to Shirou’s altruism-his whole lifestyle basically just screams OBLIGATION. I appreciate Shirou’s characterization…

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