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Euphoria Review

(Demo Main Menu image used due to NSFW nature of full game title screen)
Keisuke Takatou wakes up one morning to find himself in an unknown white room surrounded by six girls from his school. Their memories seemingly stripped, the group stands around in confusion, until suddenly, a strange voice begins to make an announcement: “The game will now begin.” The game’s rules are simple: there are five rounds. Keisuke, the “unlocker”, must select one of the girls to become his “keyhole”. Once the keyhole has been selected, the unlocker must perform a specified sexual act using the keyhole in order to win the round and unlock the doors leading to the outside world. The class representative for Keisuke’s class, Miyako Andou, lashes out in horror at the mysterious announcer and exclaims her forfeiture from the game, refusing to allow herself to be used as a keyhole. Suddenly, the lights turn off and the room is engulfed in darkness. When the lights come back on, everyone stares horrified at what is before their very eyes: Miyako Andou tied to an electric chair. Overhead, the mysterious announcer booms “Withdrawal from the game will result in death,” before the electric chair is turned on, sending terrifying electric…

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