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Review: Campus Notes – forget me not.

Campus Notes uses the real life setting of Tsukuba University to tell an out-of-this-world story.

Title: Campus Notes – forget me not.
Developer: 4th Cluster
Publisher: Dogenzaka Lab
Playtime: 7 hours
Buy Campus Notes – forget me not. on here Steam.
I received a review copy from the publisher.

Campus Notes – forget me not. is the third game in a series from Japanese indie team 4th cluster, but it also stands alone as its own story. (The reason two of the three choices that appear at the first choice stage in the game are grayed out is because they lead to the two other stories.)

The protagonist, Yuta, has just enrolled at Tsukuba University. A few weeks into his new campus life he finds himself caught up in a mysterious incident; everyone at the university loses all their memories of him with every single new day. He comes across a few other students who are in the same situation as him and together they form the Chivalric Order of Bertha to investigate the phenomenon and hopefully resolve this strange problem.

Finding out about mystery behind the amnesia was an enjoyable ride, although I felt like the conclusion was a bit rushed. The true ending needs a…

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