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Kindred Spirits on the Roof Review

Kindred Spirits is a visual novel by Liar-soft, which was also released on Steam a few months ago. It is one title from the recent influx of yuri visual novels I have been looking forward to play.

For our Yuritopia!

Toomi Yuna is a timid, reserved girl who doesn’t know about love, much less love between girls. Leading a quiet lifestyle at an all-girls school, she frequently spent her lunchtime alone on the rooftop. One day on her usual trip to the roof, her eyes suddenly spotted two ghosts. Although afraid at first, Yuna eventually became acquainted with them. The two ghosts — Enoki Sachi and Nagatani Megumi, are two “kindred spirits” who died a long time ago, but met each other as ghosts, and fell in love. The two are obviously happy, but their only regret, is not to be able to experience their “first time” together, and the problem is… they just don’t know how. As Yuna is the only one who can see them, she half-willingly, half-forced; decided to help with their quest on seeking out and nurturing yuri couples at school… and most important of all, to let the ghosts get some references

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