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[Visual Novel Review]: Dead End Junction


Developer – Atelier773

Translator – Culture Select

Length – 2-10 Hours

[Review copy kindly provided by Culture Select] [Culture Select has had no input into the content of this review]

Dead End Junction is the newest visual novel (or Digital Dime Novel, according to the title screen) brought to us by the developers of Cherry Tree High Comedy Club. While I have to admit that I haven’t read their earlier work, I remember it as being one of the first VNs available on Steam, which is an accomplishment in itself. So how does Dead End Junction hold up? I don’t want to use the word “boring”, but it was difficult to convince myself to finish the novel despite its unique visuals and arguably fun characters.

Josette is a cowgirl fit for any Western you might hope to see. Quick on the draw and talented on horseback, the only thing holding her back from being a star like the heroes in her dime novels is the dead-end town she’s stuck in. However, a letter from the president to the father that abandoned her might just change all that. With one of the beast-skinned Fuuro as her guide, Jo sets

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