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Narcissu Anthology Project: Sumire Review

Narcissu: Sumire is the latest chapter in the Narcissu series that was released March 2017 on Steam. Following the success of Narcissu 1 and Narcissu 2, Himeko’s Epilogue, A Little Iris and Zero as part of the Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project, visual novel fans have reason to celebrate with the final release of Sumire completing the Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project – Season Pass. To play Sumire on Steam, fans must have previously purchased the base Anniversary Anthology Project or the Anniversary Anthology Project – Season Pass.

The events of Sumire occur four to five years after Narcissu 2 and take place one to two years before Narcissu on the timeline. A girl named Sumire, a shut-in since middle school and a gamer, falls ill and is sent to the 7th floor hospice. Coming to grips with her terminal illness, she is filled with regret as she realizes that she never truly lived her life to the fullest and will leave the world with no significant mark or memories. In her loneliness and despair, Sumire wonders where she went wrong as she struggles with her past of being reclusive to her family members and peers. It is on the 7th floor that she meets Akari, a

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