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The Beauty of Nasuverse

You know the best thing about having an universe so exceptionally large you can make a dozens of anime based on it? It is another way to improve fandom engagement and one of the many reasons why Type-Moon has been so popular even to this day. Yes, I am talking about the infamous “Nasuverse”.

Sometimes I noticed while I was at type-moon wikia reading random crap for shits and giggles, I ended spending hours on it when it should have been just a few brief minutes of killing time. All Type-Moon anime have really extensive settings — they are like bottomless ravines where you can always find some fun new trivia no matter how deep you dig into them. Reading type-moon wikia pages is like an adventure, a treasure-seeking quest.

It helps that the franchise is always very concept-driven, and a lot of the things that drive the series forward is

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