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[Review] Teisoukannen ZERO – Yariman Kazoku to Hamekurui Natsuyasumi
JP title: 貞操観念ZERO ~ヤリマン家族とハメ狂い夏休み~

Nukige November continues: today, we take a look at Teisoukannen ZERO: Yariman Kazoku to Hamekurui Natsuyasumi, or as I like to casually refer to it in the presence of my close family, “Boning Bonanza in the Heat of Summer.”

Anyway, so you know how there’s this mangaka who draws porn about really horny and morally loose girls that fuck everything with a dick? Sure you do. Well, why don’t we hire him to draw pretty pictures for a nukige? GENIUS. LITERAL GENIUS. FUCKING DO IT. That must’ve been the thought process behind the creation of Teisoukannen ZERO, a fine example of “why didn’t this happen sooner”, featuring everyone’s favorite ahegao enthusiast and yariman grandmaster, Mizuryuu Kei, as the main artist.

From left to

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