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[Review] Fate/Extra

Somewhere on planet Earth, in a fictional apartment shared by two fictional roommates…

“Man, it’s getting late. Think I’m gonna hit the sack. …Oh, what’re you playing?”
“You mean like Fate/stay night? Dude, I loved Fate/stay night! So is that girl Saber? Whoa, wait a sec, why is she wearing red all of a sudden…?”
“She’s not that Saber. It’s a different Heroic Spirit. Look, I’ll explain. She’s actually–”
“What do you mean she’s not that Saber? Then why does she look almost exactly li–“

…Neither of them slept that night.

Upon suddenly getting in the mood to play Fate/Extra simply because I chanced upon a staggeringly attractive piece of fan art depicting Nero and her supple, naked breasts, I felt a fresh emotion wash over my boyish heart like waves upon a sand castle. This emotion spurred me into action. And now I’m here, writing about how I’ve just finished Fate/Extra.

Because of boobs.

I played a video game to completion because of boobs.

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