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[Review] Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet
JP title: ツンデレアイドルは僕だけのMペット ~いっぱい躾けてご主人様のLOVE精子で孕みたいの♪~

This had a decent premise, but unfortunately, not even my undying passion for ドM girls could make me enjoy it as much as I would have liked. Ironically enough, the Japanese title probably makes the game sound way more exciting than it actually is.

The somewhat misleadingly titled Tsundere Idol is about Rui, a top-class idol who just so happens to be into S&M. Particularly the M part of it. So one day, she basically reveals this to the protagonist, asks him to become her Master, and… well, that’s it for the story, more or less. It’s pretty nonsensical and comes out of nowhere, but I’m not one to judge nukige for lackluster storylines if the main dish, i.e. the porn, is good (see: FutaElf). Sadly, the porn in this is not that good.

Right off the bat, it’s probably worth clarifying why I called the title misleading, and that’s largely because this isn’t a tsundere game at all. There are

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