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Pastry Lovers Review

Pastry Lovers is a colorful and light hearted visual novel that blends otome elements and stat-raising elements into a story about making and eating delicious looking pastries. The visual novel was developed by Chinese game developer Cheng Guang, this is the first of their visual novels to be published on Steam and it is the most whimsical and lighthearted of all of their titles. Pastry Lovers was published to Steam by Forever Entertainment S.A. In late July of 2017 and is currently only available in English and simplified Chinese with no voice acting for either language. The visual novel includes a total of seven unlockable Steam achievements and a set of six collectible Steam trading cards.


The visual novel is set in a fictional location known as Carseland Kingdom, a place where the art of making pastries belongs to those of the upper class. The sixteen year old orphan named Sakura has long dreamed of becoming a pastry chef despite the fact that she is at a social disadvantage, on her sixteenth birthday it was revealed that her natural talent with making pastries may be related to her parents and that they may be out there somewhere.

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