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[Review] Tales of Legendia

テイルズ オブ レジェンディア

Its strange cocktail of likable, well-developed characters, tedious gameplay, a unique setting and a number of baffling design decisions make Tales of Legendia probably one of the most divisive and controversial entries in the series, and while the characters mostly worked for me and made the oft-frustrating journey one ultimately worth soldiering through, I’m also pretty damn sure that I’m never, ever, replaying this game. Because holy shit does it have a boner for recycling all its content and throwing it back into your face.

People often refer to this game as the black sheep of the franchise, and I can definitely see why. From what I understand, it wasn’t developed by either Team Destiny or Team Symphonia, but a completely separate group called MelFes, and the result is something that, despite having certain similarities with other installments in the franchise, is probably best treated as its own thing.

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