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The Dark Souls of fairy tales.

BLACKSOULS -Kuro no Douwa to Go-Mahime- is a HRPG (and a pure RPG, not a vn hybrid) released on 2017 by doujin circle Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe?, written and illustrated by Sushi Yuusha Toro. It is available at DLsite (link 18+).

BLACKSOULS II -Itoshiki Anata he Okuru Fushigi no Kuni- is its sequel, released on 2018. It is also available at DLsite (link 18+).

BLACKSOULS -Kuro no Douwa to Go-Mahime-

The first Blacksouls is a RPG maker game with a Dark Souls inspired gameplay (disclaimer: I haven’t actually played Dark Souls so I can’t really judge the validity of the comparison) set in a grimdark world where twisted versions of fairy tales characters live and which is being terrorized by five demonic princesses from those tales.

You start in a library with Alice, who guides you on the character creation. And then bloodily explodes, setting the tone for the game. From there you awake in jail, from which you are rescued by Jeanne d’Arc…

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