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[Review] Bitch Rich Party – Gyaru Ojou-sama no Tonogata Ikinuki Keikaku


Depressed? Failed your exams? The wife left with the kids? The Game of Thrones finale sucked? Not a problem! Karina and her faithful maid, Izumi, will make all your worldly woes go away, free of charge! By fucking you. HARD. Repeatedly. And with reckless abandon.

So that about sums up Bitch Rich Party, a game I can’t help but want to call Rich Bitch Party because it’s so perfect and why didn’t they go with that title again? Oh well. Anyway, the setup is simple: a slutty ojou-sama and her equally slutty maid decide they’re gonna make the world a better place by fucking everyone’s brains out. Like, they view it as a service to society: you could almost say they’re opening up a new path towards a brighter future by… opening their legs, essentially. Because nothing cheers up an overworked white-collar employee like being able to stick his wiener into a promiscuous and delightfully well-endowed lady of distinguished pedigree. Right?

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