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Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure – Review

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How Lewd!?

Developer Toffer Team describes Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure as a lewd adventure. Having played this visual novel, it certainly fits. With uncensored nudity, a number of costumes to fit several fetishes and multiple sex scenes, the erotic element of this game is at the forefront. For those more familiar with the genre – it’s a nukige.


Your nameable protagonist wakes up in a Japanese-looking house in the middle of the forest. He cannot remember much of how he arrives. A vague memory of some sort of accident with a bright light and the next thing he knew he was on a battlefield with elves, succubi, and catgirls. He’s been transported to another world. Then his memory goes blank.

A busty catgirl, Kiara is the one to wake our protagonist up. She gives our half-aware character a potion to help him recover, which causes an erection as a side effect. Needless to say, she takes care of the problem for you. After the act, she collects your seed in a

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