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Nina Aquilla: Legal Eagle – Review | The Face of Justice

If you were to explain the concept of “a Legal-Themed video game” it sounds frightfully boring. We’re talking about a profession where a single case can take multiple months and an absurd amount of paperwork to keep track of! …Riveting stuff, right? But take the base elements of a legal trial: a crime or dispute to be solved and this premise offers you the chance to tell engrossing stories, write entertaining characters, and craft an engaging mystery. Which brings us nicely to Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle!

This humble little game series heavily inspired by Capcom’s Ace Attorney series comes to us from the mind of Ethan Fox and was created in the RPG Maker engine. Yes, you read that correctly; this is a story-driven legal simulation in an engine made for role-playing games! Immediately, I was intrigued to see how a game like this can work in this well-renowned engine! Let’s see how Nina handles herself in the courtroom!


Players take on the role of Nina Aquila; an up-and-coming Canadian defense attorney and protege of Anya Miller at her agency. You’re quite literally thrown into your first proper trial defending a client accused

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