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Sakura Sakura – Review | A Tale of Two Sakuras

Hi all! I’m new here, and for my first review I was asked to check out Sakura Sakura, a 2009 visual novel from Hiqo Soft localized to English in 2018 via Sol Press that promises a romantic comedy about two light-hearted love triangles. Despite having been out for a while now, Sakura Sakura hasn’t received much attention. Might it be a hidden gem? Let’s find out.

Welcome to Rintoku Academy!

As our story opens Inaba Tohru has just transferred from an all-boys school to the co-ed Rintoku Academy. Rintoku is known both for its accomplished fine arts club and its futile sports clubs. Fine arts are heavily supported by the administration, and the main dorm is basically a luxury hotel. Due to a mixup, Tohru is instead assigned to the sports dorm, Tsukimi, which is a more rustic building. Still, this won’t stop him from pursuing his main goal in transferring: meeting girls.

The high school setting doesn’t break any new ground. The structure of the game is traditional too, with a slice-of-life common route that branches into routes for each heroine. There are lots of choices, but many of them don’t matter beyond changing a few lines of

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