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Musicus! – Review | To Those About to Rock (We Salute You!)

What is music and what gives it meaning? What role will it play in our lives? For some, it might be a way to speak important truths, while for others it’s a chance to build one’s own world. All of us seek our own answer, and for many these questions will always remain open. Musicus!, the final visual novel from studio Overdrive, aims to explore these ideas through an ambitious coming of age story. The result is at once messy, thoughtful, overwrought, and in its brightest moments, an undeniable force.

Carry on Wayward Son

Musicus! tells the story of part-time student Tsushima Kei. Kei comes from money and can seemingly excel at whatever he puts his mind to. Despite his outwardly cushy life, Kei is somewhat aimless when we first meet him. It’s initially tempting to write him off as another generic protagonist passively drifting through high school. However, he has his share of troubles, some the results of his own decisions and others from his circumstances. Furthermore, Kei’s uncertainties don’t stem from apathy or laziness but rather from an earnest desire to understand how to find meaning in his life. Little does he know a

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