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X-Change R – Review | Classic Eroge Renewal

I played X-Change when I was probably too young to be allowed to. My memories long faded, when I heard that JASTUSA was releasing the X-Change – Complete Collection with a remastered version of the games, I was intrigued. On hearing that it even included X-Change R, with a bunch of new content, I decided I had to play it.

Lewd Transformation

X-Change R follows Takuya, a member of the school’s infamous chemistry club. When he gets into an accident that turns him into a girl, no one is that surprised. It’s not the first time that the chemistry club has done something crazy.

The tone is set quickly; The first thing Takuya does is ‘Exploring’ his body. X-Change R is certainly not an introspective analysis on gender and sexuality – it’s a 90’s hentai game and very much a product of its time. The focus on very much on the sex and despite being quite short, there are tons of sex scenes. It’s filled with hentai logic, such as being raped as a girl and becoming addicted to it, along with all the guys (and a number of the girls) suddenly wanting to have

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