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Love Flute – Review | Music from the Heart

Love Flute is the latest visual novel with casual simulation gameplay from Korean developer TALESSHOP to get an English localization. TALESSHOP first hit my radar when I gave their previous entry, The Blind of the New World, a try. I quite liked that, and so I was eager to see what their newest game would offer. Let’s take a closer look.

A Ghost and a Goof

Love Flute opens with broke university student Hanseol (you can change his name if desired) contemplating selling his prized keyboard for rent money. Hanseol used to regularly busk around the university campus, but never found much success and is just about ready to hang up the ivories for good. But then he hears a mysterious voice: “don’t sell it…” And on the heels of the voice, a strange girl with a flute materializes, floating in midair! The ghostly flutist, Yae-eun, explains to Hanseol that he can’t sell his keyboard because they must perform together. It’s the only way to fulfill her han—settle her lingering regrets—and allow her to move on to the afterlife.

While Hanseol is understandably skeptical of this sudden interloper, Yae-eun doesn’t give him much choice in

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