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Mothmen 1966 – Review | Stranger than Fiction

Mothmen 1966 is the first entry in a planned series of “Pixel Pulps” from LCB Game Studio that pay homage to classic pulp horror and retro PC gaming. If you know and love pulp horror, Mothmen 1966 will be right up your alley. This tale of terror nails the style and feel while delivering a quick fix of thrills that will leave you thirsty for more–exactly what a good pulp should do. If you’re not familiar with pulp, read on, as it has some notable features that can be a matter of taste.

Thrills and Chills

The term “pulp fiction” is thrown around a lot but historically refers to cheap fiction magazines from the first half of the 20th century. The name “pulp” came from the low quality paper used to print these magazines, and like the physical material, pulp storytelling is defined by disposability. It’s all about evoking strong reactions using intrepid heroes, despicable villains, lurid locales, shocking reveals, and sending the reader careening from thrill to thrill in a way that quickly hooks them and leaves them wanting more. There’s not much in the way of long-arcing character study, worldbuilding, or setups, beyond the

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