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Kinkoi: Golden Time – Review | More Golden Loveriche

Loved Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche? Then you’ll be glad to know that Saga Planets’ romance comedy visual novel doesn’t end with just that. Kinkoi: Golden Time is a fandisc, adding three new routes and seven bonus scenes. Most notably, it gives an alternate direction to a certain beloved character’s original route.

For The Fans

Have you not played Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche yet? It’s a really great character-focused visual novel, with great humor. And while Kinkoi: Golden Time is a standalone purchase, I’d strongly recommend that anyone plays Golden Loveriche first, as it’s essential to understand the story. Not played it? Go check out our review of that first.

Kinkoi: Golden Time jumps straight into it. It’s been three months since Ouro started at Noble Academy and it starts with some casual slice-of-life scenes. Ringing in the new year, playing cards, and visiting the shrine are the sort of things that this visual novel opens with. It gives a few flashbacks of important story points, but it’s limited enough that it’s more of a reminder for those of us who may not have played the original for some time and a way to refresh our memories

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